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MKAY (Maciej Kaniewski) was born on the 18th of September, 1975 in Lodz, Poland. From an early age he found and developed a passion for music, dedicating countless hours to studying and practicing its production. That passion and dedication led to the many accomplishments for which he is recognized today. MKAY’s credits as a producer and writer include his own successful endeavour, Magik Brothers, as well as potent remixes of chart-topping artists like Shawn Desman, Gloria Gaynor and DMX, amongst countless other collaborative efforts. In addition to these accomplishments, Maciej has had success as an independent artist, and it is through this original music that he continues to express and develop his artistic voice today.


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MKAY’s journey to explore his musical talent began at the age of eleven, drawing inspiration from the work of Jean Michael Jarre, Oldfied, and Vangelis, as well as many others. Empowered by the gift of strong support from family and friends, coupled with his own drive and confidence, he was able to quickly immerse himself in the pursuit of his dream, diving headfirst into an industry known to crush all but the greatest passion. In the 1990s, working alongside fellow producer Danny Mazor, MKAY put his skills to the test, successfully co-writing and co-producing “Two Hearts”, a project that eventually evolved into a duo known as Dreamscape. The opportunities afforded by this project helped Maciej to develop cutting-edge skills in electronic music and its production.

In 1998, Maciej Kaniewski and a colleague, Ared Arzumanian, worked together on various studio projects. Their artistic chemistry and successful collaboration motivated them to form a partnership, which would eventually become known as the “Magik Brothers”.

Under the Magik Brothers name, Maciej has tackled numerous projects in Canada and around the world, working with artists including Unique, Freda, V.I.P., Jaade, Rhythm Reaction, Captain GQ, Paul London V.I.P. and Lana. Magik Brothers experienced major success in Canada with several chart-topping songs, like “Just My Nature” (V.I.P.) and “Zodiac” (Magik Brothers). Their collaborative production effort also spawned several fascinating remixes.

Maciej Kaniewski’s work with Magik Brothers was in many ways the realization of his childhood dream. His music ability and unique song writing talent were essential elements in the sound of Magik Brothers, helping to drive its success during the late 1990s and early 2000s. This success was never more evident than at the release their debut hit singles “Sun” and “Zodiac,” and the overwhelming public response. Released initially under BMG Poland, then re-released under Universal Canada, the singles climbed the charts to their eventual place within the top 20 in Poland. The music created a stir amongst top North American DJs and the songs quickly worked their way onto the radio and into the rotation at popular night clubs.

Their hard-earned success with their debut album landed the Magik Brothers several opportunities to remix such artists as Gloria Gaynor, DMX, Amarie, Nicci Gilbert, and even allowed them the chance to remix Shawn Desman’s hit single “Get Ready”.

Today, Mkay is still pushing the boundaries of electronic music, still always searching for the next song to transcend the whole of its components. His newest two releases, a single called “Take Me” and “Higher”, marks the next step in the development of his musical voice. With his first release since “Rebirth,” Maciej shows that he hasn’t lost the spark that drives his artistry. Though “Take Me” and “Higher” marks Mkay’s first releases in six years, his headphones certainly weren’t sitting on a shelf all that time, and with his passion for music, it’s clear that they won’t be any time soon.


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